Fire Engineering: The Future Firefighter Podcast With President Bill Killen

President Bill Killen is a Fire & Emergency Services Executive and retired Fire Chief with 64+ year's fire risk management and fire and emergency services management experience, with 39 years at the Chief Officer level. He commissioned the National Mutual Aid System Task Force following Hurricane Katrina, September 2005, resulting in the National Mutual Aid System's development. Chief Killen developed and coordinated the publication of the "National Mutual Aid System for the Fire Service: A Strategic Plan," September 2006. He served as the President of the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) (2005-2006).

President/CEO, Fire Chief (Ret.) Bill Killen

Join host of The Future Firefighter Podcast and (NFHC) Public Information Officer (PIO) Christopher Baker, GIFireE as he discusses the history of the fire service with Fire Chief Bill Killen, CFO, FIFireE (Ret.) Immediate past President of the National Fire Heritage Center and why it's important to learn about the history of the fire service. This episode is dedicated to the men and women that built the American Fire Service and Fire Protection Disciplines.


Podcast: The Future Firefighter - Fire Engineering

Join host Chris Baker as he discusses the history of the fire service with Bill Killen of the National Fire Heritage Center.

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William D Killen, CFO, FiFireE - Website

Visit this website and learn more about President/CEO, Fire Chief (Ret.) Bill Killen.
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